Company overview:

Computation is revolutionizing drug discovery. Advances in big chemical data, massive computing power, artificial intelligence, and molecular dynamics simulation are changing the way we develop new drugs. At 1910 Genetics, we put computation at the heart of drug discovery, blending expertise in computational chemistry, structural biology, pharmacology, genetics, data science, and software engineering to develop drugs for previously undruggable targets.

We are seeking an experienced and highly motivated Medicinal Chemistry Director/Senior Director.

The ideal candidate has the following qualifications:
  • A track record of effective scientific decision making, people management and organizational effectiveness to advance small molecule drug discovery campaigns from hit discovery to development candidate 
  • A broad knowledge and personal experience with diverse target classes 
  • Demonstrated the ability to collaborate, build trust and influence across internal multi-disciplinary teams 
  • Demonstrated the ability to thrive in an entrepreneurial, fast-paced, and innovative environment effectively coordinating multiple distributed resources 
  • Excellent written and oral communication skills 
  • Excelled in a multidisciplinary environment both as a leader and member across multiple project teams  
  • Design, implement and execute synthetic and medicinal chemistry strategies 
  • Design novel ligands based on internal, or literature published data that would contribute to new target initiatives 
  • Identify synthetic pain points and advise on optimal solutions 
  • Apply emerging synthetic chemistry and purification methodology and technology in the design and synthesis of novel ligands 
  • Confirm viability of design proposals from AI research and Computational Chemistry groups or offer alternative routes 
  • Establish strategies to leverage external resource and capabilities 
  • Effectively plan resource allocation to achieve team goals 
  • Provide strategic, scientific, and managerial leadership in an outsourced Medicinal Chemistry environment 
  • Effectively manage synthetic CROs to achieve project objectives and be responsible for the quality of compounds delivered 
  • Collaborate and contribute to multidisciplinary drug discovery project teams 
  • Effectively articulate medicinal chemistry goals and strategies and build consensus across functions 
  • Influence the cross-functional scientific growth 
  • Provide timely and well-organized reports to project teams 
  • Collaborate effectively with the leadership team and other departments and functions 
  • Provide expertise and leadership in the management, storage, and quality control of compounds in the internal collection, define best practices and quality standards 
  • Evaluate and make recommendations for chemistry-centric needs such as equipment, reagents, hardware, and software 
  • Be knowledgeable and effectively utilize software such as Torx, LiveDesign, Spotfire, StarDrop, DataWarrior etc. that are used for review, analysis, and prediction of data to enhance decision making in design and prioritization 
  • Establish the intellectual property strategy for each program and work with patent counsels and agents 
  • Lead the preparation of patent applications and peer reviewed scientific publications 
  • Doctoral degree (Ph.D.) or equivalent in synthetic organic chemistry or medicinal chemistry 
  • 10+ years of experience in the biotech and/or pharmaceutical industry, with a strong track record of scientific innovation and success in delivering clinical candidates 
  • Demonstrated leadership of project teams in a cross-functional environment 
  • In-depth knowledge of the drug R&D process with expertise in the application of ADME/PK and pharmacology data to optimize drug candidates 
  • A leader with effective organizational, interpersonal, communication and managerial skills who can motivate and inspire others  
  • Demonstrated technical proficiency, scientific creativity, independent thought, and ability to effectively collaborate with others 
Compensation & Benefits
  • Extremely generous equity package coupled with competitive salary 
  • Healthcare benefits 
  • Generous vacation and parental leave 
  • Super cool team building activities 
  • Flexible work schedule 
  • Great colleagues 

Director/Senior Director of Medicinal Chemistry Boston, MA / Medicinal Chemistry
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