Company overview:

Computation is revolutionizing drug discovery. Advances in big chemical data, massive computing power, artificial intelligence, and molecular dynamics simulation are changing the way we develop new drugs. At 1910 Genetics, we put computation at the heart of drug discovery, blending expertise in computational chemistry, structural biology, pharmacology, genetics, data science, and software engineering to develop drugs for previously undruggable targets.

We are looking for a rock star to join our team as a Machine Learning Engineer focused on protein design. To be effective in this role, you will need to be exceptional in structural biology, biophysics, and machine learning engineering.

We can count on you to…
  • Work closely with our academic Founding Scientist to build and launch our protein design platform with several applications including but not limited to protein structure refinement, protein structure prediction, therapeutic protein design, among other basic and translational research applications
You will own…
  • All aspects of 1910’s protein design platform
You will teach…
  • Your cross-disciplinary colleagues from Computational Chemistry, Medicinal Chemistry, Computational Biology, Cell Biology, and Pharmacology, how the protein design platform can be applied in their structure-based design of small molecule therapeutics 
You will learn...
  • Drug discovery and development
You will improve…
  • The pace of development of 1910’s protein design platform
Within 1 month you will…
  • Understand the core scientific principles of structural biology, biochemistry, and biophysics that underlie 1910’s protein design platform
  • Understand our proprietary dataset of rich amino acid data that powers the protein design platform
  • Form a view on which AI/ML models best address different applications of the protein design platform 
Within 3 months you will…
  • Complete preliminary testing of possible database structures, scoring functions, and machine learning  algorithms for the protein design platform
  • Productionize the best algorithms on AWS 
Within 6 months you will…
  • Launch the beta product of the protein structure refinement module
Within 1 year you will…
  • Launch the full protein structure refinement module
  • Launch the protein structure prediction module
  • Begin prototyping the therapeutic protein design module
Compensation & benefits
  • Extremely generous equity package coupled with competitive salary
  • Healthcare benefits
  • Generous vacation and parental leave
  • Super cool team building activities
  • Flexible work schedule
  • Great colleagues

Machine Learning Engineer / Computational Biologist – Protein Design Boston, MA / Machine Learning Engineering
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