Data’s hidden gems with Microsoft and Sam Altman-backed 1910 Genetics

  • 17th January, 2024
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This episode of AI Meets Life Sci explores the potential for data-driven innovation in healthcare, through conversations with leaders at Microsoft and 1910 Genetics.

In the first segment, Elena Bonfiglioli, Global Business Leader for Healthcare, Pharma and Life Sciences at Microsoft, discusses the significance of computation, an essential element of AI investments, in enhancing R&D productivity in healthcare. She emphasizes the need for new approaches to drug development, including shorter clinical trial timelines and the shift toward more efficient R&D. Bonfiglioli also highlights the importance of multimodal data in research and development. In addition, speaks to the integral role of computational methods in drug development, emphasizing how they augment our disease understanding and clinical trial design.

In the second segment, Jen Nwankwo, PhD, Founder & CEO of 1910 Genetics - a Y Combinator and Sam Altman-backed startup, shares the innovation strategies around drug discovery. She details their problem-first approach, leading to an integrated, modality-agnostic drug discovery tech stack. Dr. Nwankwo highlights the use of Azure Quantum Elements in accelerating molecular simulations, positioning 1910 Genetics uniquely in designing both small and large molecules. Their global approach to accessible drug discovery through strategic partnerships is emphasized.

Listen to the podcast episode here.